GFCO is committed to ensuring consumers receive accurate information concerning GFCO-certified products.

GFCO advises gluten-free consumers to exercise caution and contact GFCO before consuming or using any product with packaging that displays a questionable mark, or one that differs from the ones shown here (different font, proportions, portions removed, etc.).

This webpage is intended to keep consumers aware of important safety alerts regarding GFCO-certified products and products that are incorrectly bearing the GFCO logo. GFCO reserves the right to withdraw the certification of any company whose certified products appear on this page more than once.

The information on this page is current to the best of GFCO’s knowledge, but may not be an up-to-date list of all incidents that may occur in the marketplace. Again, if you have questions or concerns about a specific product, you should contact GFCO directly.

07 Jan 2021

January 7, 2021

GFCO has become aware that Tattooed Chef is displaying the GFCO certification mark on their website ( GFCO does not certify any products for this company, and we have reached out to request the immediate removal of our logo from their site. Please contact GFCO to confirm the status of any product or website carrying the GFCO logo.

31 Dec 2020

December 31, 2020

Flowers Foods has amended its December 3, 2020 voluntary recall press release to reflect additional geographic distribution for the Canyon Bakehouse Everything Bagels. This includes retail customers in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island. As previously stated, this product is only affected if it contains both the Lot Code (20316 316) and UPC (8-53584-00221-8).

This public announcement is linked here:

30 Dec 2020

December 30 2020

GFCO has become aware that Bella Gluten-Free continues to display products with the GFCO certification mark on various websites, although their product certification was terminated in April of 2020. GFCO wishes to notify consumers that the products shown at the following websites are no longer certified, and that we have made multiple requests to Bella Gluten Free to remove these mentions and images from their sites:


If you have questions about a Bella Gluten-Free product, or any product carrying the GFCO logo, please contact us.

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