GFCO is committed to ensuring consumers receive accurate information concerning GFCO-certified products.
GFCO advises gluten-free consumers to exercise caution and contact GFCO before consuming or using any product with packaging that displays a questionable mark, or one that differs from the ones shown here (different font, proportions, portions removed, etc.).
This webpage is intended to keep consumers aware of important safety alerts regarding GFCO-certified products and products that are incorrectly bearing the GFCO logo. GFCO reserves the right to withdraw the certification of any company whose certified products appear on this page more than once.
The information on this page is current to the best of GFCO’s knowledge, but may not be an up-to-date list of all incidents that may occur in the marketplace. Again, if you have questions or concerns about a specific product, you should contact GFCO directly.

12 Aug 2020

August 12, 2020

Nature’s Path Foods has informed GFCO that they are voluntarily recalling four pallets of Organic Mesa Sunrise Cereal due to contamination with wheat, barley and oats. Internal testing by Nature’s Path has indicated that the gluten level of this product is less than 10 ppm, but Nature’s Path is recalling the product due to allergen concerns. Please refer to the Nature’s Path website for details about the specific product lot involved, and use their Consumer Services contact information to obtain additional information about this recall.




10 Aug 2020

August 10, 2020

GFCO has learned that Tradition Instant Brown Rice Noodle Soup is being sold bearing the GFCO certification logo, although this product is not certified by GFCO. The manufacturer has been contacted, and GFCO has been informed that this product has been discontinued. The manufacturer will act to remove the GFCO mark from their website and advertising.

GFCO previously certified Tradition Creamy Chicken Flavor Instant Noodle Soup Cup (No MSG), but only packages produced through June 30, 2018. No other Tradition brand products are certified by GFCO at this time.

04 Aug 2020

August 4, 2020

GFCO has become aware that three lots of MUD\WTR beverage mixes carrying the GFCO certification logo may contain gluten at levels between 10 and 20 parts per million, as sold. Positive gluten results were detected during routine surveillance testing, and the majority of contaminated product was quarantined before leaving the plant. However, product from three lots of MUD\WTR Original Blend has been sold to consumers. If you have purchased product from one of these three lots, do not use the product, and return it to the company or retailer:

Lot Number: 20149-37

Item Description:  MUD\WTR Original Blend – 90 Serving Bag

Lot Number: 20162-12

Item Description:  MUD\WTR Original Blend – 30 Serving Tin

Lot Number:  20163-12

Item Description: MUD\WTR Original Blend – 30 Serving Tin*

*This lot was received by the end consumer in an initial subscription starter kit, which
includes a MUD\WTR Original Blend, 30 Serving Tin.

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