Certify Your Products with GFCO

Thank you for choosing GFCO for your gluten-free product certification. Below please find some additional documents that will tell you more about the certification process.

GFCO Manual

GFCO Conditions of Certification

GFCO Fee Schedule


When you are ready to apply, please contact us at gfco.clientsupport@gluten.org.  We will send you an application packet, and once we have received your application documents, we will be able to provide a quote. If you agree to move forward, please register each of your manufacturing plants at www.gfco.org/plant-registration. Plant registration is a requirement for certification, and will need to be renewed annually in addition to your product certification.

Your certification quote will indicate a deposit that is required in order to continue the process. Once we receive your deposit, we will review your Product & Ingredient list, and schedule your plant audit(s). Any audit non-conformances will need to be addressed, and you will need to sign the certification contract and pay the remainder of the certification fees, before a product certificate can be issued.

REMEMBER: No products can be manufactured with the GFCO logo until you receive a certificate, issued by GFCO, listing the certified products at a specific manufacturing facility. We do not certify plants, and we do not certify product types. Only the specific products listed on an active certificate can be manufactured with the GFCO logo.